Tuesday, January 31


We got them, finally! We just bought the tickets for Evanescence's concert this coming February 19 at the Araneta Coliseum. We bought them over the counter in SM Makati. They really cost much, but we know the concert would be worth watching. I told you that I've been dreaming about watching Evanescence perform live in this post. And now, I'm about to live that dream together with someone I love. ♥

Friday, January 27

Thought for the Day

Whenever I think there's nothing wrong with what I did or what I'm doing, I fight for it. But if there's actually something wrong, please don't over react at it. I'm not a real cat, anyway... I'm human too. Yes, cats do have emotions, but I'm a little more emotional than them. I cry with tears, and they just meow aloud.

Thursday, January 26

Thought for the Day

I realized that I can still control myself no matter how pissed I am.
I talk to the person I truly love. ♥


At first I loved my internet connection... It was reliable and fast when I used it few days after I applied, but it became too slow since yesterday. I applied for an unlimited plan and they gave me a device, a modem or whatever they call it. I brought it home and tried it immediately! I was actually amazed by how fast it was. I didn't expect it would satisfy me 'coz I know someone who uses the same internet connection, I mean the service provider, and it's unsteady. Maybe it's just because we live on different locations *sob*. Anyway, yeah that...

Wednesday, January 25

Be inspired!

I found this very cool and inspiring presentation while I was at work yesterday. I love everything, from its design to all of its content! The quotations really got me workin'. :DDo Something
View more presentations from Sarah Kathleen Peck

Baby, It's You

I remember back in 2004 that I sang and even danced to the beat of this song. I can't believe I suddenly thought of listening to it right now. Maybe I'm just inspired... Well, I always am. :) I actually looked for this music video, since I love the freshness of JoJo back then. I like this remix version more because of the rap part.

So, what's the real message of the song? For me, it's all about a person who can do anything

Tuesday, January 24

Thought for the Day

In life, all you gotta do is stay calm and go with the flow. It doesn't matter whether the flow is rushing to keep you going or stop whatever you're doing. Sometimes, the most important thing is you think of love. But thinking isn't enough, you have to feel and believe it exists, too.


I thought I'm gonna sleep nice and sound today, but it was just a mere thought.


Haha! I'm so glad to introduce to you the greatest and most uniquepancake I've, or should I say, we've ever tasted... 

My eatingexperience was remarkable! I wish I could taste it again. :p
Well, its historyis something worth sharing here. It all started when a group ofkind-of-drunk-but-actually-just-crazy people had nothing to eat, or should Isay, people who couldn't just afford to, came up with a very, very nice andcrazy idea to cook flour with condensed milk! Luckily, with a little amount ofmoney, our "acting" master chef asked us to buy eggs to add moreflavor to the flour and condensed milk. S/He said s/he can make us food... andwe believed, un/fortunately!! :D One of us went to the store and bought someeggs. When he came back, our "acting" master chef immediately cookedfor us...

We waited...


My family is getting really excited for both of our QUEENS. Yeah, queen!...A pregnant cat is called Queen. We have two queens today who carry cute little kittens inside their wombs. We already wonder how would they look like. Surely, all of 'em would look different from each other. Well, not that different though. We just wonder how many of them would have long tails, multiple colors, blue or green eyes, and all that. Sadly, I wasn't able to count the start of 60 to 67 days that queens carry their kittens in their wombs. However, can a normal person like me really do that!? I mean, know the first days or weeks that a queen has been pregnant?! Hmm... we'll probably just be surprised one day that either one or both of them will bring joy to our home again. I'll keep you posted, and I swear I'll be sharing their cute babies' photos here. :D

Btw, I introduce you our two queens! Their names are confidential, LOL. Because I actually don't know how to translate "Putol" and "Baltik" into English. Ooops, hehe. Can you just do that for me? 

FYI, Putol is Baltik's mother. Now they're going to raise and bite kittens together. 

Thursday, January 19

I don't want to

You speak to me of ungentle words;
Yet I still listen to you.
You give me reasons to leave you;
But I always choose not to.
You always come late;
And I still wait for you.
Even in times, you are not yourself;
I know you'd still be back, too.
In times of trouble, I can't run to you;
Now, I'll try to walk everything to you,
I'll try to stop being cruel to you,
I'll try and try until I am used to,
Used from always giving the crown to you.
In fights, I can't even speak for myself,
I can't even look, can't even move.
But, did you hear my complaints to you?
I always accept the fact that you are you,
And everything about yourself is my reason onloving you.
So, why would I stop if I don't know how to?
So why would I stop if I really don't want to?

*I made this a long time ago, and I already forgot to whom I dedicated this.*

Tuesday, January 17


The first one's here, actually.

A cat rubs against people not only to be affectionate but also to mark out its territory with scent glands around its face. The tail area and paws also carry the cat’s scent.

Monday, January 16

Upcoming Concerts in the Philippines

I was browsing this site and found out that my all of my favorite artists are coming here in the Philippines to have their concerts. They're Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Evanescence (whoo! Evanescence!). Not to mention that Simple Plan just finished theirs last January 12.

According to the site, Katy Perry will have her California Dreams Tour on SM Mall of Asia's Concert Grounds on January 22. It's 6 days soon! Well, I just received my pay last week and spent too much of it already. I said to myself that I'll let Katy's concert pass... again. She had her first concert here with Boys Like Girls last October 2009 and I wasn't able to see it since I was just a college student (w/o savings) back then. It hurts so much to think that I won't be able to attend her concert again despite the fact that I really do like her. I even made an essay 'bout her back in my college days. I just posted it here a while ago so check it out.

And then, here comes my all-time fave Avril Lavigne. She's having a concert here this February 16 at the Araneta Coliseum! You probably already know that I made a cover of one of my favorite songs of her, My Happy Ending. Hmm, I think I'll also let this concert pass. First is because I don't know any of her new songs! I have no idea why and how did that happen, but I think I kinda forgot about her already. She was special to me, yes. If only I have some money... =(

Anyway, here's the deal! I'm gonna let those two concerts pass, but this? Hell no! We're talking about EVANESCENCE here! Amy Lee has been my role model since then. I love her voice, her performance and their songs! I even bought a copy of their Anywhere But Home Concert DVD! I won't let this opportunity pass since I told myself that when this time comes, I'll really do everything just to watch it. I've waited for this moment to come.

I'm even luckier 'cause I have someone to be with me on the day! ♥ I watched 2NE1's concert alone back then, FYI. That's another different post later on.

The day is marked! It's February 19! Lucky for me, I didn't have to be on absent from work 'cause it's Sunday, hehe. We're excited. I swear I'll post the details of the concert afterwards. I hope we can still buy reserved tickets at end of the month (we still have to wait  for our next pay, hehe).

BABY, I'm sorry

I love you. I will take care of you as much as I can. I will continue to make you happy, for your smile makes my world light. There could be some instances that we fought too hard, cried so much and yelled at each other... But we ended up always better in the end. I'm happy and grateful for that. I know I haven't been the best person you ever wanted in your life, but I would strive hard just to be that one! Babe, I don't want arguments anymore. I'm sorry if I've been moody all this time. There are just many things running on my mind. But, I promise you that all I'm gonna do when I'm with you is to make you feel my love. I apologize for being so sleepy, too. I don't want you to think that I'm too lazy for you... I honestly want to go anywhere and do anything with you! Hehe, let's just make sure that our plans would fit our budget.

I know you're asleep right now, and still in pain. I'm sorry for not being by your side. If only, if only I can go there in an instant, I'll do that. I would hug you tight and kiss you...I would also watch you sleep, hehe, if I'm not sleepy.

I love your smell, no matter how good or bad it is. LOL! I love your hair, please make it stay that way... I love the sound of your laughter. I love everything else 'bout you.

Let's not think about our future first, babe. I know it can't be helped, but I don't wanna see you sad anymore. It breaks my heart... I just want us to be happy all the way, and do everything that we can do right now that we still have more time. I don't want to waste another day, hour and second again. I'm sorry for everything, babe. I hope you still feel my love... I love you everyday. It grows and grows. I miss you everyday, I miss you right now.

Control your emotions whenever we argue babe, please. I'll control mine, too. I love you. Play our playlist babe.


We conquer the grills,
We build the towers,
We climb together,
And share the laughter.

We reach the clouds
Without stepping on stones,
We’ve met the gods,
Yet they are still unknown.

We are strong, no one isweak;
Yet we cry, you’ll noticeit;
And after the pain we’veshared,
We act like we never cared.

We can’t stay long,
We can stay forever.
We have crossed the horizon
And we’ll never quit,never.


Do you see Katy Perry as a good singer or not? Is she just playing around just to get famous? Many people criticize her as a singer and as a person. They say that when she sings live, she goes off tune and she has boring performances. They even criticize her clothes when she goes on stage. Her songs are also being condemned because of such messages like kissing a girl and being hot and cold when it comes to relationships. But for me, Katy Perry is not a boring performer and she's a good singer. Her songs are stunning. Do you even know that she's the one who writes her songs? She even plays the guitar. She is a very talented person and she really doesn't deserve any words from a detractor. As a person, Katy Perry is not who you really think she is. Even if her image is like a sex goddess, she still has good manners and likeable behaviors. There is a simple saying that states that "don't judge a book by its cover." It means that judging a person by what you see outside is not enough to know really, who that person is. It’s just like a book, you still have to read it before saying if it's a good one or not. Today, I will share to you three reasons why I like Katy Perry as a person and as a singer.


Hi! I would like to share this video I made last 2010 as requested. It's the video that has the most number of views among my other ones. It has 595 views as of now! LOL! I wonder if it would hit 1,000 or more by sharing it here. Well, I just hope you'll like it.

Feeling Alone

Nothing seems to be perfect in life
The mistakes and unexpected incidents
And the troubles, wars and problems;
Everyone seems to be ignoring them.

But then, I thought I can’t fight it.
I thought that in my life, nothing can fit.
It’s either nothing can be right,
Or everything is never alright.

Until I realized I’m not the only one,
Not the only one under the not-so-shining sun.
Many are also not having fun,
And many, like me, feel so dull.

Good thing, I am not alone;
Alone for feeling like a stone;
Now I have people I can talk at the phone;
And as for myself, now I have shown.

A group of cats is called CLOWDER.

False Embrace

From the moment he touched me,
I can’t accept that he’s telling a lie.
I don’t know what to do, yet I cry.
Thousand tears keep falling;
Hundred words are screaming;
Those were voices whispering.
I have said everything right to his face,
Though he knew it was wrong.
There were no fear on me, you can’t see it.
My eyes are struggling, hoping and wishing.

Then his hand flew.
It dropped exactly on my face.
I am a watery stone,
A crying statue, feeling nothing.
Something happened.
There comes the sweet embrace.
I thought all was true,
I thought my words ruled.

Fighting, he came again.
Mumbling words he considered right,
And I believed wrong.

And for that sweet yet false

embrace, I realized:
His mind full of one thing,
Mine says the same:

Where are you?

It's past 1am and I'm still waiting for you to show up. The last message I received from you is "What did they tell you? Eat well, okay." It's been 5 hours since then... I have no idea what's happening to you right now, but I hope you're fine or just sleeping (even though I asked someone and said that you aren't). Where the fuck are you? I'm worrying too much that I can't eat or even sit still. I don't know what happened to us, but I hope you still believe how much I love you. If only I can go and find you... I'll definitely do it. I'm sorry if I've been bad lately. I know that you sacrificed too much for me. I'll do the same for you babe.

I fuckin' wish I have the power of teleportation and tell myself to go wherever you are. I suddenly thought you haven't eaten yet when I left you. Please don't make me worry this much! I might as well just take a knife or blade to cut myself and keep the pain from goin' on and on.

Please, I'm beggin' and kneeling... Give me just one sign that you're okay. What would I do if anything happens to you? My eyes are full of tears, my hands and knees are still trembling. I won't sleep until you message me! I won't eat until you tell me to do so! I don't know how much did you drink, but I hope you handle yourself. I wish our hearts are truly, literally connected to each other for me to know where you are, what you're feeling and doing. If only...

I'm starting to think that I don't deserve this, that I don't deserve you. I'm still waiting, babe. I love you. I'm sorry and I promise to be better. I promise to be the best for you.

I'm waiting, and then you called me just now. Thank you so much. You made me feel so much better. ♥

Sunday, January 15


  I am not myself anymore
I can no longer feel the pain anymore
I don’t see me as alive anymore
And I don’t really care about myself anymore
I will not think twice anymore
I will not give everything anymore
I will not suffer, I will not cry
I will not drown in my tears anymore
But, I can no longer smile anymore
I don’t have the laughter anymore
I cannot grin anymore
Happiness – it’s not in me anymore
I am tired of being so numb
I don’t have any feelings anymore
I don’t have friends anymore
No one’s beside me anymore
Even my shadow – I cannot see anymore!
I can no longer run anymore
Besides, there’s no place for me anymore
And I am not in a hurry anymore
I just don’t want to live anymore! 
And after taking my life, surely Iwon’t kill myself again anymore.