Thursday, January 26


At first I loved my internet connection... It was reliable and fast when I used it few days after I applied, but it became too slow since yesterday. I applied for an unlimited plan and they gave me a device, a modem or whatever they call it. I brought it home and tried it immediately! I was actually amazed by how fast it was. I didn't expect it would satisfy me 'coz I know someone who uses the same internet connection, I mean the service provider, and it's unsteady. Maybe it's just because we live on different locations *sob*. Anyway, yeah that...
I loved it and surfed all night until the sun rose! My baby and I even played Crazy Kart back then! However, days passed by and the connection became very slow... It would take me like 10-20 minutes to load just the log in page of Facebook, 30 minutes for my e-mail. I really don't know why it happened... I've already asked assistance from my baby, and we did everything just to bring that fast connection back. Still, nothing changed. I hope that there's just an on-going server maintenance in our area. Hmm, maybe there's also a connection between my application. It isn't confirmed and activated yet. It means that the device I'm using is still on provision. I hope that when they do activate my application, it will go back to how good it was.

Btw, I learned something a while ago - RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication). According to the status of my device and its connection, my RSSI is bad. It's -74, which is somewhere in the middle of good and meh signal strength. I'm going to raise that concern whenever they'd call me to confirm my application status.

Good thing it's still workin' right now... If not, I'd probably revoke my application soon.

Please come back to me, my fast connection... I don't wanna waste money... =(

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