Thursday, January 19

I don't want to

You speak to me of ungentle words;
Yet I still listen to you.
You give me reasons to leave you;
But I always choose not to.
You always come late;
And I still wait for you.
Even in times, you are not yourself;
I know you'd still be back, too.
In times of trouble, I can't run to you;
Now, I'll try to walk everything to you,
I'll try to stop being cruel to you,
I'll try and try until I am used to,
Used from always giving the crown to you.
In fights, I can't even speak for myself,
I can't even look, can't even move.
But, did you hear my complaints to you?
I always accept the fact that you are you,
And everything about yourself is my reason onloving you.
So, why would I stop if I don't know how to?
So why would I stop if I really don't want to?

*I made this a long time ago, and I already forgot to whom I dedicated this.*

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