Tuesday, January 24


My family is getting really excited for both of our QUEENS. Yeah, queen!...A pregnant cat is called Queen. We have two queens today who carry cute little kittens inside their wombs. We already wonder how would they look like. Surely, all of 'em would look different from each other. Well, not that different though. We just wonder how many of them would have long tails, multiple colors, blue or green eyes, and all that. Sadly, I wasn't able to count the start of 60 to 67 days that queens carry their kittens in their wombs. However, can a normal person like me really do that!? I mean, know the first days or weeks that a queen has been pregnant?! Hmm... we'll probably just be surprised one day that either one or both of them will bring joy to our home again. I'll keep you posted, and I swear I'll be sharing their cute babies' photos here. :D

Btw, I introduce you our two queens! Their names are confidential, LOL. Because I actually don't know how to translate "Putol" and "Baltik" into English. Ooops, hehe. Can you just do that for me? 

FYI, Putol is Baltik's mother. Now they're going to raise and bite kittens together. 

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