Tuesday, January 31


We got them, finally! We just bought the tickets for Evanescence's concert this coming February 19 at the Araneta Coliseum. We bought them over the counter in SM Makati. They really cost much, but we know the concert would be worth watching. I told you that I've been dreaming about watching Evanescence perform live in this post. And now, I'm about to live that dream together with someone I love. ♥
I'm very glad that we're going to watch together... It's my partner's first time to watch a concert! I'm glad that we're going to celebrate that "first time" together. :D 
Good thing we got reserved seats tickets, there won't be any hassle when we get to the place. I'm just not sure about the band, Bush. I don't actually know them, but I do hope that they'll only sing a song or two. Haha! Of course, I'm not being rude, but I'd only wanna hear and see Evanescence! My partner knows them though. 

Anyway, here's their latest single: What You Want. It's probably one of the songs that we'll hear at the concert.  Enjoy!

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