Sunday, January 15


  I am not myself anymore
I can no longer feel the pain anymore
I don’t see me as alive anymore
And I don’t really care about myself anymore
I will not think twice anymore
I will not give everything anymore
I will not suffer, I will not cry
I will not drown in my tears anymore
But, I can no longer smile anymore
I don’t have the laughter anymore
I cannot grin anymore
Happiness – it’s not in me anymore
I am tired of being so numb
I don’t have any feelings anymore
I don’t have friends anymore
No one’s beside me anymore
Even my shadow – I cannot see anymore!
I can no longer run anymore
Besides, there’s no place for me anymore
And I am not in a hurry anymore
I just don’t want to live anymore! 
And after taking my life, surely Iwon’t kill myself again anymore.

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