Monday, January 16

Upcoming Concerts in the Philippines

I was browsing this site and found out that my all of my favorite artists are coming here in the Philippines to have their concerts. They're Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Evanescence (whoo! Evanescence!). Not to mention that Simple Plan just finished theirs last January 12.

According to the site, Katy Perry will have her California Dreams Tour on SM Mall of Asia's Concert Grounds on January 22. It's 6 days soon! Well, I just received my pay last week and spent too much of it already. I said to myself that I'll let Katy's concert pass... again. She had her first concert here with Boys Like Girls last October 2009 and I wasn't able to see it since I was just a college student (w/o savings) back then. It hurts so much to think that I won't be able to attend her concert again despite the fact that I really do like her. I even made an essay 'bout her back in my college days. I just posted it here a while ago so check it out.

And then, here comes my all-time fave Avril Lavigne. She's having a concert here this February 16 at the Araneta Coliseum! You probably already know that I made a cover of one of my favorite songs of her, My Happy Ending. Hmm, I think I'll also let this concert pass. First is because I don't know any of her new songs! I have no idea why and how did that happen, but I think I kinda forgot about her already. She was special to me, yes. If only I have some money... =(

Anyway, here's the deal! I'm gonna let those two concerts pass, but this? Hell no! We're talking about EVANESCENCE here! Amy Lee has been my role model since then. I love her voice, her performance and their songs! I even bought a copy of their Anywhere But Home Concert DVD! I won't let this opportunity pass since I told myself that when this time comes, I'll really do everything just to watch it. I've waited for this moment to come.

I'm even luckier 'cause I have someone to be with me on the day! ♥ I watched 2NE1's concert alone back then, FYI. That's another different post later on.

The day is marked! It's February 19! Lucky for me, I didn't have to be on absent from work 'cause it's Sunday, hehe. We're excited. I swear I'll post the details of the concert afterwards. I hope we can still buy reserved tickets at end of the month (we still have to wait  for our next pay, hehe).

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