Wednesday, January 25

Baby, It's You

I remember back in 2004 that I sang and even danced to the beat of this song. I can't believe I suddenly thought of listening to it right now. Maybe I'm just inspired... Well, I always am. :) I actually looked for this music video, since I love the freshness of JoJo back then. I like this remix version more because of the rap part.

So, what's the real message of the song? For me, it's all about a person who can do anything
and whatever it takes just to be with someone he or she loves. The song shows that being materialistic doesn't really reflect the true meaning of love. I have to admit that I was "that" materialistic before, but I think I've already changed (a little) Hmm... yes, I'm still into money! Of course, who wouldn't wanna save for the future, right? I don't want me and baby to be like THIS forever, haha! (Don't even bother to think what does "THIS" mean! LOL) I can relate to this song because I don't really care if we can't go out on a date, or eat delicious food, simply because we can't afford. LOL! Actually, I do... whenever I crave for something or there's a good movie to watch. However, I still prefer to be just with my baby and do nothing. It's quite a benefit for both of us, especially for me, because we feel lazy, or I feel sleepy all the time, haha. 

Hi Baby! :)
I dedicate this song to you... ♥♥♥ Always remember that what matters most for me is the happiness we feel whenever we're together, even without the material things. Those can be easily replaced by our love for each other, right? Money, gifts, delicious foods, movie dates and etc., could just be the bonuses we could share. Don't worry too much, because everything's gonna be alright. I love you, and all I want is you. Baby, it's you. :)

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