Monday, January 16

False Embrace

From the moment he touched me,
I can’t accept that he’s telling a lie.
I don’t know what to do, yet I cry.
Thousand tears keep falling;
Hundred words are screaming;
Those were voices whispering.
I have said everything right to his face,
Though he knew it was wrong.
There were no fear on me, you can’t see it.
My eyes are struggling, hoping and wishing.

Then his hand flew.
It dropped exactly on my face.
I am a watery stone,
A crying statue, feeling nothing.
Something happened.
There comes the sweet embrace.
I thought all was true,
I thought my words ruled.

Fighting, he came again.
Mumbling words he considered right,
And I believed wrong.

And for that sweet yet false

embrace, I realized:
His mind full of one thing,
Mine says the same:

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