Monday, December 10

A 21st Birthday List of 21 Things

Despite of the "cat" tragedy that we're currently experiencing, I think it's also better to show and tell how contented I am with my life right now.

Five minutes before my birthday and I'm still recuperating on everything that has happened and has been happening now.

I'll just list 21 things that I'm really grateful for the last 20 years I've been living in this great, big and wild world. This list is in no particular order.

  1. I was born.
  2. I finished school.
  3. I have friends, long-lasting friends.
  4. I just had my 2nd job.
  5. I can sleep well now.
  6. I have Alden, more cats and stuffed toys.
  7. I have a PSP (which I think I should be using right now).
  8. I have had 2 desktops PCs already.
  9. I can eat everything I want.
  10. I can do MOST of the things I wanna do.
  11. I have a digital camera.
  12. I have watched all Twilight Movie Sequels.
  13. I have watched great movies with someone I love.
  14. I have a Globe Postpaid Plan, an iPhone, Blackberry and a Sony Ericsson phone.
  15. I have visited Subic and Lemery, Batangas.
  16. I have a reasonable 4G internet connection from WiTribe which is very affordable.
  17. I have the most understanding parents in the world (they weren't like that before, though :p).
  18. I have a lover who is good, loyal, faithful and everything else to me.
  19. I'm contented.
  20. I have ME.
  21. I have a future to look forward to.

This list is quite simple, straightforward and stupid. But, they really have made me happy and I know these things plus the things that's gonna happen will make me even happier in the next years.

The people around me matter most, btw. I don't care about the material stuff, but I really want an iPad Mini Cellular right now. LOL!

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