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2012-04-02-06-21-11And then me and baby adopted a cat… We named him Alden! We were actually heading back home after a good midnight meal from Tokyo Tokyo while we met him. We heard a kitty crying and went to find where those meow’s were coming from. When we were able to locate it, we called him and he went to us, like he was never afraid of people. We thought that he was left by his previous owner… on purpose. =( Good thing we found him. We adopted him and brought him home. The first thing that came to our mind was how are we supposed to feed him milk. He was (we think) only 2-3 weeks old back then and all he needed was milk from her mom. We know that cats are lactose intolerant, so we decided just to feed him soya milk. It’s kind of like expensive, yes, but we didn’t think about that already for all we knew was helping him. He liked it actually… We also bought him food, Friskies for kittens, and liked it! He has a treat as well, where in he can eat fish meat. We frequently buy that treat since it’s expensive.

Anyway, he’s a cat who’s not afraid of water! I didn’t have a hard time when I bathe him the first time, and the second time and the third time and so on… He loves it! He even plays on his water bowl and goes to our bathroom to play and lay. I guess it’s just all about the heat that summer brings us now… Alden probably just wanna be cool.

Alden has different characteristics that I haven’t seen before in my other cats. I’ll enumerate them all here:

-His eyes look like a raccoon’s. There’s like a black eyeliner surrounding his eyes. My cats from home don’t have that.
-He never sleeps, he just plays. Being so playful make him tired, yes, but that’s not the reason why he’ll sleep. He waits for us to go to bed and sleep right next to us. My cats from home sleep all the time.
-He plays with water and isn’t afraid. That’s his most unusual characteristic so far. Wait, there’s still more!
-He fetches. Well, not actually, but whenever we throw something, he’ll run and get it. Only, it doesn’t come back to us.
-He’s like a DOG! There was this one time when we saw him opening his mouth, showing his tongue like a dog-like manner. Looks like he was so excited and exhausted, but it doesn’t look so cat-like.

We are actually waiting for him to grow up and become more mature so that he won’t play with us anymore. Wanna know why? Because me and baby get a lot of scratches from Alden on many parts of our bodies!

It’s fun to play with him, but the hurting part isn’t. We’re already used to it though. We’ll still wait for the moment that Alden learns how not to hurt us while playing and just go near us for cuddling, resting and sleeping reasons only. Haha!

But however does Alden play and whatever he does, he’ll always be cared and loved by us. He’s already like our child and we’ll love him unconditionally.

Oh, here’s some of his photos:
2012-04-08-06-14-48GE DIGITAL CAMERA              2012-04-08-06-15-422012-04-08-08-37-16

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