Monday, April 16

Globe's My Super Plan!

Considering how impulsive I am on spending money or buying things, I was able to have a Globe Blackberry plan in an instant! Well, it’s not literally instant, but I was really able to out of being impulsive. I was just browsing Globe’s website and tried their Plan Builder. Again, I just TRIED. But I didn’t know it would end up like that. At first I chose a plan, blah blah, and then a gadget. My first choice is the Cloudfone Temptation because it looked cool to me. I didn’t know that I was already shopping at that moment and purchased it. At first I thought that their plan builder is just for trial and I didn’t know that it’s live! And so I purchased a plan online…

I suddenly realized that I should’ve just chosen a BlackBerry phone instead. The price wouldn’t change though. Good thing a Globe service representative called me after 2 days and verified everything. I , too, verified that I’d be changing my phone. It was easy and changed accordingly. I chose the phone BlackBerry Curve 8520. After that conversation, it was time for passing, or in my case, sending requirements through e-mail. They asked for a photo of any valid ID I have, latest copy of pay slip, certification of employment and proof of billing. It was easy for me because I didn’t have to go to Globe shops from time to time. I’m really thankful there’s internet!! Hehe, anyway… My plan was approved for like two – three weeks after my online purchase. Globe called me and said that it was already approved and that would be the final call I’ll receive from ‘em, next will be on the delivery day. And so I said they should deliver the plan and the phone to my home address. They actually said they’ll deliver it to our office’s address between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, which isn’t good because I’m not there during those hours. The scheduled date is on April 11, Wednesday. It was a good one! After office hours, I went home straight and waited for it. It came past 2pm, I signed the contract and gave my photocopied ID to the delivery man. And then he left… I was so excited to open the box, but my parents were more excited than I was. Grr, I was really irritated when they followed me all the way to the living room to check the phone. But it was okay because I didn’t even let ‘em touch it, haha! LOL, JK! The Globe network wasn’t activated yet that time so I waited…

It would usually take a day or two to get your SIM card activated… Mine was just hours; it was activated the next morning after I got the phone. And so I navigated and tested everything… The interface is ok, and all other features are good. It took me quite some time to get used with it, but I eventually did later on. I had to. The only dilemma I got is the Wi-Fi usage, that I won’t share here anymore because it would take me hours to finish the whole story… That dilemma caused fights, frustrations and tears. The story is not worth it to tell. Nah, but it’s not that necessary because the dilemma has already been fixed.

I’ve been using the phone for almost a week now and it works well for me. It’s not the best phone, but it’s good. The consumable plan is the most important to me anyway. :D

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