Monday, April 16

I love being CUTE & CHUBBY!

First of all, I was supposed to write about how fat I am now. But I suddenly thought that I wasn’t that fat at all. I just gained weight and fats(?). Haha! I just don’t wanna believe it! I don’t even wanna have a record of me sharing about it here… My loved ones just noticed it, but I will prove that I can get back to my old weight (which I won’t tell here of course). I just gained 11 lbs. and it would be easy to reduce… I know it will be. Hm, I think I should just continue this post since I’m already here.

I think the main reason why I gained weight is because of the stress that I’ve been feeling ever since I worked. It’s actually manageable, but the eating part isn’t. Also, I don’t have time to exercise, or probably, dance. It’s one of the activities that keeps me fit before. Next reason is because I became part of a HEALTHY relationship. It’s literally HEALTHY! Haha! I wouldn’t say how  eager my partner is in eating different kinds of food, but I’ll just share here some photos that would prove and tell everything I’m talking ‘bout:

2012-03-12 11.22.242012-03-31-09-08-36424237_201884273252777_100002936161314_346173_1056668575_nPicture 461 Picture 469
561349_229627030478501_100002936161314_417844_965757705_n  2011-11-27 20.59.43   2011-12-04 06.37.19
    Picture 356

Who wouldn’t gain weight eating those kinds of food for the last months, huh? Huh?! Well, I actually requested those. Anyway, my main goal is to stop eating fast food everyday and reduce the amount of rice intake. I would also try to walk frequently so as to help with the digestion happening in my stomach.

That’s all. I just wanted to post food photos here actually…. All of those were taken from any of our (me and my baby) dates and getaways.  I suddenly missed the food in Subic. =( Crispy Pata, Creamdory, Steak and everything! Let’s go back there baby… =(

Haha! I think my cravings won’t let me have a reduced and balanced diet! Hm, I hope I won’t continue gaining weight. Anymore suggestions, pretty please?

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