Monday, April 16


GEDC0597As I’ve said in my post here, two of our cats are about to bring us cute kittens in time. And so they did! I wasn’t able to remember when was that, but it just happened this earlier this year. Baltik gave birth to three kittens and Putol to two. Sadly, the other kitten of Putol died. All in all we have 4 kitties in our house today; 3 females and 1 male. When my parents knew about our kitties’ genders, they instantly said that there will be more cats  in only a nick of time! They somehow don’t like that fact because we have a total 10 cats now! They planned on giving ‘em away but they just couldn’t. They love kitties so much! Or should I say pets, because they love our 2 dogs as well. Anyway, it’s funny how we named all of them because we do it based on their

Let’s start with the females. Baltik have twin-like kitties in black and orange. We named them Unggoy and Panget. Haha! Unggoy is called that way because his colors look like one and are distributed in a good way. Otherwise, Panget’s colors don’t look so cool and that’s why. Next is the only kitten of Putol. I very much like her kitten because it looks like her, in orange and white and so cuddly and cute! She’s a week younger from Baltik’s kittens. And we named her… Pugo! It was supposed to be Pugot because she doesn’t have a tail at all. She just has a very short, round tail! My parents changed her name to Pugo because she looks like one when she plays, especially when she runs! Hahah! Down to our male kitty… We named him Batman because of his color pattern on his face (you’ll see later on). It would’ve been better if he’d be called Zorro, though. But we’re already used to Batman, so we’ll stick to that. Here’s a quick video of them in the box. I hope you’ll see Unggoy and Panget!

Batman’s sick right now. He doesn’t want to eat and becomes thinner every day. We’re doing everything to cure him and we’re seeing a good recovery status today. I hope he gets well soon… =(

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