Wednesday, February 29

It's Never Too Late !!!

I've been gone for so long and I've missed blogging about some of the most special events in my life this month. (I think I've been gone for almost a month). Well, it's never too late to blog 'bout those, right? The most significant things that I'd like to share are our first concert experience and the day that we have adopted a cat.

You probably have already read about my posts Upcoming Concerts in the Philippines and Evanescence...Live!. It happened... I mean, my dream of seeing and hearing Amy Lee perform live had happened. I still couldn't believe that it was only for 2 hours or less. I guess I just have to keep the memory alive here in my head. I don't wanna talk about Bush because I really don't know 'em, especially their songs. Hmm, there's one thing I remember 'bout them in the concert though... They sang one of the Beatles' songs, Come Together. It was good and made me watched the whole song/performance, hehe. When Bush finished their part, the crowd waited so long for Evanescence... Me and my baby thought that there was sound system malfunctions that's why we waited for almost 30 minutes. But the wait was totally worth it!! When the lights went out, I really thought that was it... That was the moment I've been waiting for. I was teary-eyed when I heard the drums, and I was screaming so loud when Amy Lee went out! Whoo, you don't have to imagine how I was back then. I recorded their opening performance...


Amy Lee's voice was coarse because she got sick in Taiwan. I hope she didn't feel sick so that we have experienced a better show. It's really fine for me though. Seeing and hearing her is the only thing I wanted... I wish they will come back for a major concert soon. I also do hope that the band didn't get pissed off from what their front crowd had done. The crowd were steady and busy taking photos and videos... Is that what we see in a rock concert? Nah ah, No... I don't think so. If only the GA (General Admission) people were in that floor, Evanescence would be so glad that they would tweet 'bout it. FYI, they did not. The only tweet I saw from Amy said, "Goodby Korea, hello Manila!-My new nickname is the "Hygiene Ninja"... That explains her flu. And after that tweet? Nothing about how awesome Manila crowd were. Nothing like that follows... It's quite embarrassing actually. If only... Argh. Here's the setlist of Evanescence's performance, btw.

      "What You Want, Going Under, The Other Side, Weight of the World, Made of Stone, Lost in Paradise, My Heart is Broken, Lithium,Swimming Home, Sick, Call Me When You're Sober, Imaginary, Bring Me To Life and My Immortal"

      I didn't really know some of their songs from their new album.. What I only knew back then was What You Want and My Heart is Broken. But I now got the chance to know all of their new songs because my baby got me an original copy of their new album. It was just so sweet because we were on the verge of not spending too much back then, but still got me one. :) Thank you so much baby! ♥

      Back to the concert... I didn't took more videos aside from their first and last song because it would just keep me from enjoying the whole night. Me and baby bought two beers for the both of us, btw. I also got horns back then... It was really an unforgettable experience. We just stood for the whole Evanescence performance and never sat again, just after the concert. We ate after the concert because it was so tiring, especially for me to shout and shout and sing along with them. When we got home, we immediately watched the DVD in Evanescence's new album. We couldn't still got over the experience, and how pissed off we were on those lame crowd. Here's their last song, btw. My Immortal. The crowd wished for this song because they already went backstage after Bring Me To Life... Not to mention the people in the patron area wished for it to have their video recorders on again. Argh.

      This encore was a very beautiful way to end the night.

      PS. I'll post about our adopted cat later on. ;) I have to go somewhere.

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