Sunday, April 15


I never got the chance to blog about different stuff for quite a long time again. I've been missing this blog, especially writing... Now I have these all Sunday and Monday (just half day)  to do it! So, where should I start? Hm, probably from the most significant things that happened to me recently. Actually, I'm planning to make different posts about 'em, so this will just be an introduction. Hehe, this would also be my guide on what to post first or whatsoever.

First up! ...would be my kitties, especially our adopted cat. There are no much updates about them. It's just that our kitties here at home (mine) are feeling sick. I still haven't figured out their condition, but we do hope that they're ok. My theories say that it's all because of the heat today. Summer here's just killing everyone! LOL, it's true! I also think that our adopted cat's feeling the same way... He's been drinking a huge bottle of water lately!

Second would be about me being fat? Yeah, that would be ok. I'm actually feeling it now! Some of my friends were saying before that I'm getting fat, but I didn't believe them until I felt it. I'm still feeling and SEEING it right now. There already are "fat build-ups" down there! I know I can get through with it.

Third. Hmm. Prolly the mobile data plan I've applied recently. I'll talk about how impulsive I was when I purchased it online and how excited and frustrated I was. Yes, frustrated. I became very mad because of the features of the phone I got together with the mobile data plan. But it was WAS for I am kind of like satisfied right now. :)

And SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST, right? I'll talk about an update of my love life. Yeah! I'll save the other details later on...

All in all, I need to make 4 new posts. I can add more if my fingers allow me to, haha.

As of now, I'm having a mixed emotions of guilt and I don't know... Because I was supposed to go to our province today to celebrate with their feast, but I didn't go! One of the reasons is how poor I am today. Our pay's delayed and I'm not expecting much of it for now. The other reason is that I wanna spend quality time with my mama and papa. I think I made the right decision... It hurts somehow because I don't get to spend time with my baby. =(

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