Tuesday, May 7


I just want to share to you guys how I'm SO into fashion. I love fashion... who doesn't? Even some people, especially girls, deny that fact, everybody still got their own sense and style. It's given. It will always be there.

Well, let's start with some history class 'bout my style:
I was once a fan of emo and scene fashion. Then I turned into a gothic angel, kind of stayed there, but ended up being the wife of 'vintage' and 'glam rock'. The funny thing is I wasn't really able to invest in fashionable clothes that would fit any style I want because of financial constraints (until now). That's the thing keeping me away from my fashion fantasies and dreams.

That's actually fine with me. I've accepted that fuck. It doesn't matter! I still love fashion even though I couldn't apply it to myself. Sometimes I just put them into words, drawings and apply my so-called fashion styling skills in some online fashion tools.

Someday, I dream of being a fashion stylist, not a designer. That would be harder. I bet you already know the difference between the two. Someday, I dream of seeing my closet full of clothes that I REALLY want to wear like all the time. Someday, when would that be?

I'll just end this with this:

My Taylor Momsen-inspired boots. Only worn once (last year's bday celeb)

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