Wednesday, April 17


Love is the strongest thing that can make or break you;
It's so powerful that it can make you glad even at its littlest, and full of pain at its worst.
Love can turn into hate whenever it's not around;
Love isn't passionate until it makes you feel safe and sound.
It cannot be seen or heard,
It cannot prove anything absurd.
Love isn't an emotion, it's a feeling.
It can vanish, it can stay.
You can always make it go away.
Yet, it will definitely, always find its way.
Love kills, it hurts.
It can change a person, a thing, a situation.
Love doesn't always go with the plan as it gently goes with the path that only it can draw;
A path it can only show.
Love is unpredictable and unkind.
Love is almost everything you cannot find.
Love isn't generous, it is fair.
When love is hated, it forgives.
It forgets yet remembers.
Love is defined by the person feeling it.
It doesn't always have the same meaning.
Love is the word only you can...
Only you can act and speak at the same time, but never truly see with your eyes.

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