Sunday, February 17

My American Idols... for now.

I bet many of us who have been watching American Idol Season 12 already have their own "idols" who they dream to take the spot. I gotta say I have mine now, too. I have my top 3 already and I based my choices according to their voices, over-all personalities and previous American Idol performances. These three, of course, belong to the just-declared Top 40 contenders who will go on to the next round in Las Vegas.

Update: After seeing the first night of the Sudden Death round, I think I will be going to change this list this soon...

Top 3 - Chris Watson

He's a "comeback" contestant. We all saw him on American Idol Season 7 and didn't make it to the top. I think that his cool personality and angelic voice would really give him an advantage in this season. I was just wondering if something changed on his gender preference. I don't care about it, I just wanna know because he definitely acts differently today than before. That doesn't matter actually. His voice is just great! The original judges actually liked him a lot. Take a look at his first audition on American Idol 7 below:

I can't actually find a video link to his audition on the current season, but I found this (his part on this performance isn't that long, but it showcases his angelic, unique voice - jump at 00:34) :

I know, I know. That performance of B Side was really funny, but they all made it and Chris, for me, stood out! I'm also going for Gurpreet in this competition, but I think he won't make it to the finals. I'm sorry to all his supporters. Anyway, I just hope Chris will make it.

Top 2 - Charlie Askew

Who doesn't know this weird guy from Arkansas? Charlie Askew, who admittedly says he's "socially awkward", really had good performances on Idol's Hollywood Week. His audition was very interesting and he already got me there! I knew he would be someone so famous in the future, haha. I'm gonna share his group performance here (jump at 2:00, YOU'LL SHIT BRIX 'CAUSE HE WAS REALLY GOOD AT THAT PART! I wasn't expecting he could do that!)...

...and his solo as well. He was really good - really, really, good. I can't wait to hear more from him and I also cannot wait to see all of his weirdness! Love you, Charlie. Sorry for making you my top 2, it's just that a girl has to win this season - it has to be. xxx

Top 1 - Angela Miller

This girl rocks! I have no more words to say because I recently dedicated an entire blog post for her on my other site. Just click here and find out why I chose her as my American Idol Season 12 Winner.

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