Thursday, February 21

American Idol 12: Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, Adriana Latino...

Whew, the first night of American Idol's Sudden Death Round on Las Vegas was really breathtaking! The first half of the Top 20 girls performed and they were Jenny Beth Willis, Tenna Torres, Adriana Latonio, Brandy Hotard, Shubha Vedula, Kamaria Ousley, Kree Harrison, Angela Miller, Isabelle and Amber Holcomb.

Well, the ones who got through for the next round are (this won't be a spoiler at all, because I bet you know them already): Kree, Angela, Amber, Tenna and Adriana!

I'm going to highlight their performances here, but I gotta say (sorry for Tenna's fans) that it was only Tenna who didn't impress me much. The following are my reactions to each performance, in ascending order.

5. Tenna Torres

As I've said earlier, she didn't impress me much. Aside the fact that Nicki didn't like her hairstyle (I didn't like it, too), her performance isn't that flawless as compared to the others who got through. I liked how she put emotions in this performance, though. As what Randy said, this started the night, considering that she was the second to set on stage.

4. Amber Holcomb

Way to end the performances for this night, girl! She got three standing ovations from the judges; Nikki didn't stand. I have nothing else to say, just watch her performance and it'll blow your mind. T'was literally jaw-dropping. It was so effortless!

3. Adriana Latonio

Oh yes, a Filipina got through... again! Why oh why, can't I? LOL! I must say that this performance is one of the most remarkable ones. She was the third to perform, and although Randy said that Tenna started the night, Keith justified that it was Adriana who did! Well, for me, Adriana DID start the night so well. I think that my fellow countrymen didn't know at first that she was a Filipina until Nicki asked her. and specifically, about her height which is 5 feet. Who cares!? She's just a damn, good singer! As what I've tweeted during her performance, I'm betting for her not because I'm also a Filipina, but because she's really good. I'm sure a lot of Filipinos are now looking forward to see her in the Finals. I just created a list of my Top 3 Finalists for this season, I didn't think I would change it this soon. I couldn't resist watching her DOMINATING the stage. Nicki noticed that as well.

2. Angela Miller

I'm a huge fan of Angela Miller. I became one since I've seen her perform her original song, You Set Me Free. I even made a special post on my other blog about it! However, her performance here wasn't that great. Nicki said that nothing could ever beat her solo performance back in Hollywood. I think I'll have to agree with Nicki there. But, Angela is already one of the top contenders, she shouldn't just overdo it and she shouldn't be too complacent knowing how great she is.

1. Kree Harrison

Kree, why do you have such a unique name? I like it! Anyway, why do you have such an excellent talent? I think the judges liked Kree's performance more than Angela's and I am feeling the same way. I was surprised that Kree would be able to pull out such a great performance! She wasn't on my american-idols-to-watch-out-for list (wow, that can be a good blog post again) and I'm definitely putting her in now! By the way, I think her performance also received a lot of comments, like the judges consumed a lot of time complimenting her. Just watch it here to know what I'm talking about!

That's it! That's it! I think I would be blogging more about American Idol Season 12 on the next few days, until the season ends. I just love this season's contestants! I can't wait to watch Charlie and Chris... xxx

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