Saturday, March 9


Disclaimer: This post isn't pertaining to ALL Chinese, this is just for those who are in the viral video I just saw.
I'm sorry but I just can't help it. This post may contain harsh words and a very strong language. I'm currently mad and angry! I don't know the trend about that video I just watched on Facebook. It's a video about the China things (I won't even call them people because humans have feelings, these things don't!) abusing and killing dogs by fucking skinning them alive... ALIVE! That is just bullshit!

I had a doubt to watch it. I saw the video about a month ago and it's just now that I've decided to watch it. I won't share it here as I know how disturbing it would be for you. And yeah, I just watched it! It's morbid, gruesome and hideous! I just hate these China things doing stuff like that. I commented on that video post and said, 'why do these china things even record a video of them killing innocent dogs?!'. Why, why? Are they proud? Do they fucking love what they're doing? What would they feel if they would be the ones skinned alive, huh? Do they even imagine the pain that the dogs would feel? I know I won't sound humane, but forgive me when I say that I just wanna fucking do it to them... The hell I care about them? Animals even think better than them! They deserve to be loved more than those china fucking things. These china things must be really thankful that those dogs can't speak or what. Maybe, just maybe, that would make them realize how mad they are!

To describe the video... it was okay at first. I could still watch their abuse but when the video runs towards the end... it just killed me. It showed from the first process until the end, when the dog dies of pain, grief and hurt. I'm still crying right now. I really regret watching that video. It stays in my fucking head and it keeps on killing me. I hope that dog rests in peace right now. A lot of people love you...

I meant to put 'STOP LIFE ABUSE' here as my post title instead of sayin' 'STOP ANIMAL ABUSE.' Well, isn't it obvious? It's not just the animals who feel threatened about their lives because of some fucking wrong doings of men, even we, humans, are afraid to die out of something... out of something that we have also started. I'm really not a religious person but life? Life is something to be cherished, treasured and loved. Everything that has a life must be kept safe from harm. It's a call from nature. What, do these China things missed the call from nature? It's fucking given that animals and humans are the same... even trees and the forest.

I'm sorry if you're a Chinese, but you are just one of the hellish things I've ever encountered. I won't forgive all those men in the video. No one would, I guess.

I'm writing to put out all the stress I'm having right now because I watched the video, but it's really not helping... I've cried, but I it didn't help as well.

Tell me, please just tell me a thing or two on how we could stop life abuse... I can't take it anymore...Damn.

I don't know if I'm still making sense... Am I making any sense here? I hope I do. It's just that I can't explain my feelings well... All I wanna do is destroy those china things, bang them on the floor, throw them in an exploding volcano and crush their fucking bones until it vanishes in now-fucking-where!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just still mad! I'm shivering, startling, whatever... Pardon me please...Bye.

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