Saturday, February 16

Unwind at Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Last February 9 and 10, me, my friends and my baby had a really, really good time! We went to Nagsasa Cove - a wonderful, hidden treasure place in Zambales, Philippines. A lot of Filipinos may be familiar with Anawangin Cove and not with Nagsasa Cove. Well, there's no huge difference between those two places. Nagsasa Cove is just farther. Some people say that there are more activities that you can do in Anawangin, but I just don't care because I was satisfied with everything that we did in Nagsasa Cove - eat, walk on the beach, swim, eat, drink, sleep, eat, play cards, trek, eat and swim. Noticed how many times I mentioned 'eat'? Well, everything was made possible by Gone Wild Campers (GWC). One of my friends found GWC in the internet and contacted them through email. We were really lucky 'coz it was a good find! This is their itenerary for Nagsasa Cove. We didn't worry about everything aside from our toiletries, clothes, blankets and pillows. Yes, you read it right. We didn't worry about the food because GWC bought and cooked for us! We didn't worry about the transportation because GWC also provided us a private van. My friends and I owned the van, haha. We were the only ones inside. I was really happy to know that because I really thought that we would be sharing the van with other campers. So, yeah, we owned the van.

This is me when we were on our way to Nagsasa Cove - feelin' like we own the van!
By the way, if you're wondering how the food tastes, then here's one photo and see for yourself:

The perfectly cooked Kangkong, Rice and Adobo!

The food from the menu they included in their itinerary was all cooked - Liempo Barbeque, Buttered Vegetables (yummy!), Hotdog, Egg, Bread, Grilled Pork Steak, and Tuna Ala Pobre (the best!). GWC people are really good chefs, hehe. They can really be good buddies, too! Of course, we drunk 'til death - it would probably never happen again. We (well, not all of us) finished these bad ass alcohol drinks:

I won't drink again; these bitches are taking all my happy memories! "Let's drink, motherfuckers!"
These drinks took all my memory on our first and last night on the beach. I don't have much to tell because I really lost my mind during the session. All I can remember are the few jokes I learned from one of their tour guides. At least, I know that me, my baby and my friends had fun that night! We also had bonfire that night and cooked marshmallows in it. I was able to record a video of it and just uploaded it on my YouTube channel here. I replaced the background music to one of my favorite songs, Last of the Wilds by Nightwish.

Anyway, I'm just going to share here some of my favorite photos from the trip. If you wanna see another post about Nagsasa Cove, check out my friend's blog here. She patiently told our story with photos and captions, haha. I couldn't stand doing that so I'll just upload my fave pics here. Wait, did I mention that we camped? We also trekked. It was exhausting! I'm really not the type of person who'll do exhausting things like trekking. I'm no good at sports or whatsoever, but I'm quite an adventurer. So... I did it. I was raising my white flag already during the so-called adventure but I did manage to get myself together. Andun na ako eh! Susuko pa ba ako? Anyway, just look at the photos below:

TrekkingGoing to Nagsasa Cove

Nagsasa Cove Sunset
Click here for more Nagsasa Cove Sunset photos!
Nagsasa CoveLakeside

Lake at Nagsasa Cove


Beach Place

It was really a fun adventure and it's too bad that it happened too fast. We're definitely coming back. People like us need to unwind, rest and forget about the city life! We'd definitely call GWC again. They have Anawangin Cove services, too, so we'll probably try that next time. If you're in the verge of looking for some great camping and tour services in Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves without thinking about other things, then I'll definitely recommend Gone Wild Campers! They're the best! They'll do everything for you. Naks! It's true. Thanks, GWC. The money we spent are worth it! Thanks to my baby who paid for me, too! Thanks to my buddies for being a great company! Thanks, thanks, thanks. xoxo c


  1. Very well said, maraming salamat po!

    1. No problem! If you're GWC, you should've left your link on your name and not comment anonymously! Haha! Good luck with your tours this years and in more years to come!


    2. glad you enjoyed camping with us. :-)

      Luigi dela fuente laureta of

  2. GWC really went out of their way to make their guests satisfied. I really loved toasting marshmallows by the bonfire. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! We might check out the Talisayin Cove courtesy of GWC.

  3. Oh sorry black cat, its Mark de Guzman from GWC. Thanks again coz you enjoyed your tour last month. To those people out there who wants to experience a hassle free camping tour, just vist our webpage Thanks!

  4. What a beautiful island.. The sunset pictures looks really amazing.. Definitely we need to visit this island this year... Thanks for this post.