Sunday, January 13

Two Blogs, Two Different Google Plus Profiles

I don't know what I was thinking, but I've created a new blog again. And, a new Google+ profile, too! I think I've decided on doing so because it's time to separate what's more serious and personal. I created this blog just for me to have "someone" to talk about things I can't really say so I'd have to categorize this blog as the personal one. My newly created blog at WordPress is the "more serious" I'd say. I decided to name my new blog InsideUrHead because I plan on creating content that will be educational or viral or something that will really get inside someone's head. I just created a new post about a live music video and of course, it's about my favorite band - The Pretty Reckless. There will be a lot of topics which generally consist of How Tos, Videos, Business, Nature and Animals and Movie Reviews.

What's the real reason why I created another Google+, btw? Well, if you're familiar with the so-called Author Rank, then you should probably know by now. This blog, Black Cat Blogging, wasn't associated with any Google+ profile of mine since I've been using a different email for this ever since. My real Google+ profile is supposed to be my only profile because I want to see one Google+ link whenever I search for my real name. Yes, it works and I want it to stay that way so I changed my name on my new profile to Le Li. Well, that's still me since "Leli" is one of my nicknames (although I prefer Lei). The "Le Li" profile is now associated with this blog. And the real Google+ profile is associated with my new blog.

My real Google+ already has a reasonable number of people revolving around in circles so I've decided to associate it to my serious blog - InsideUrHead. Well, in short, I just really wanna have that Author Rank "look" in Google Search for both of my blogs.

If you wanna see how this Author Rank works with my two blogs, then look at the screenshots below. I used the very useful webmaster tool of Google they call Structured Data Testing Tool. If you have a blog or a website, you can see for yourself and try. Here's how it works with mine:

How Author Rank works with my new blog. 
How Author Rank works with this blog.

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