Sunday, January 13

Introducing InsideURHead

Yes, that's the header I used for my new blog. I decided to use WordPress as the blog hosting site since I haven't even tried doing so. I don't wanna be stuck on Blogger forever. But of course, I won't stop posting here since this is my personal blog and I already have a sound number of visitors (even returning ones) here.

InsideURHead is the kind of blog I would wanna update daily or weekly. It may seem impossible because of how busy the so-called "life" is, but I would really try. I'll be creating content that's worth sharing - that's what blogging is about, right? I've mentioned in my previous post the topics that my new blog will cover - How Tos, Videos, Business, Nature and Animals and Movie Reviews. This is the serious stuff, man! I've already created a post that's under the category Videos. That's a good start.

How were I able to customize this blog, btw?

I used a free template, Grisaille. It's simple and I like the buttons of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ above the header. If you know the template, the real font style used isn't like what I posted above. I changed it of course. Well, that's my handwriting. I put a li'l style, especially on that UR part. I used Adobe Illustrator and its very useful Blob Tool! I liked it. I used my favorite color all the way. I would wanna emphasize another color for the UR but that'll do. As for the widgets available in WordPress's blog dashboard, I just used the, Facebook and Twitter which I placed on the sidebar. I really liked the widget!

On the other hand, I mentioned earlier that I used Adobe Illustrator in making that header. T'was easy. I didn't read any tutorial for that. It's my handwriting, that's why. But, I had a hard time creating this:

I used this tutorial I found on Google. I was desperate to learn something for Illustrator and yes, I think I did learn one. I think I was successful except the fact that I wasn't able to follow the instructions in adding color to the vector portrait. I'll be getting there soon.

I used the black-and-white-outline-of-me as my profile photo in WordPress or Gravatar. I have other gravatar accounts but I think I have disabled them before. I also featured that vector photo on my blog showing off as the blog author (me, of course). It's InsideURHead's blog icon as well. See screenshot below:

I think that's everything. I've introduced my new blog now. Please give me courage to continue writing good posts there! I really wanna do this more seriously. 

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