Wednesday, April 18

American Influences in the Philippines

History tells us that America fought with us for only three years, but why does it seem that they have been influencing and suppressing us, Filipinos, discretely. If you are not aware of what is happening in this time, and about the so-called “brain washings” of the Americans, I will let you know. Actually, I am seeing our country today as colonized by the Americans. Though we are not seeing proofs directly with our eyes open, we could try closing them and see for ourselves.

First and foremost, are there movie houses and cinemas in malls today that we can see more Filipino movies than the foreign, particularly the American, movies? No, I don’t think so. Just take for example the movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, many Filipinos watch it rather than “Villa Estrella”. Even though the lines for the tickets are long, we would still patiently wait just to see the movie, but on the side, you can just count through your fingers how many Fiipinos patronize our own movies.

The second proof I can see are the types of food we are eating nowadays. We all know that the American are fond of eating fast foods, like burger and fries, and they don’t eat rice. Nowadays, I can see and hear Filipinos doing these kinds of eating. They are doing it because of some busy schedules, which is the another proof I will talk about. Can’t you see? Both of these factors connect to each other. To make it clear, Americans influenced us that when we are too busy, we just prefer on eating fast foods. I hope you all know that these fast foods, like McDonald’s (which actually came from the US) and KFC, are not so healthy. However, these foods can make you smell like Americans, the thing we are saying “amoy-pawis”. Filipinos don’t like that, but still some are now fond of doing it.

Another proof is the use of credit cards. I think using of these cards is originated in the US too, that is why it is one of the influences we are getting from them. Furthermore, we are also influenced by the way their technologies are arising. Yes, we are influenced but we cannot cope up with it unless these techies and gadgets are already trashes for them. We are also influenced by their type of clothing, because back then, jeans were not yet into our trends, the Americans just introduced it to us.

But this is the most influential factor that the Americans gave to us, well guess it. Of course, it is their language – English. Americans are very influential that they were able to get the thoughts of people on making their language the international language. We have also made the English language as a medium of instruction and lectures when it comes to education, and we are actually practicing it for us to be able to perfect it. The English language is a plus factor for us Filipinos to be globally competitive and so that our country will not be held back through these first-world countries.

Nevertheless, I believe that this influence is the most advantageous for us Fiipinos rather than the other influences that I mentioned above. Regarding about these influences, we, Filipinos should still commensurate to our original and own innovative styles.
*This piece was made when I was in 3rd year college…all content is based on my knowledge and experience. I’m not against anyone or anything here.

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