Friday, June 29

Things to do!

Yay, how should I start this? There are definitely many things that I'd like to do. Aside from the littlest things, I also wanna do some major changes in life. But first off, I'll start with the minor ones...

Me and baby have so much to do on the next few days and months! Like, tomorrow, we're going to meet someone to negotiate for a good deal for a house for rent! And then, we're gonna check out another one. We have to get back home to pack things for tonight. Actually, I'll help my baby pack stuff for I have already packed mine. I would need to withdraw money online, too! It'll be our allowance 'til next payday coz we're going to spend too much on the next days... And then we'll go ahead; withdraw from ATM and go directly to the mall to pay bills and buy tickets for the Bazooka Rock festival this coming September. We need to buy this instant because the tickets are on sale this month - June is yet to end so we need to hurry! Anyway, I'm going to have another post for that rock festival I'm talking about.

After going to the mall, we're going directly again to another one to bring my broken e-cig to the shop. Its battery doesn't work already, and it's a good thing that I still have warranty for it. Hopefully, we'll finish those things early and finally get to eat. We're planning to eat near that e-cig shop while waiting for a friend to join us to our journey going to a resort for our friend's birthday party! I'm really excited. :)

I hope we'll do those things perfectly.

I'm going to work now!;)

We only did three things yesterday: the house negotiation, checking out a different house, and going to our friend's birthday party. :( Those that we didn't manage to do are the most important. Bazooka Rock's tickets become more expensive this month. :(

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