Saturday, January 24

The Broken Playlist - Alleli Aspili on Spotify

I just created a new public playlist on Spotify and it's dedicated to all the broken people out there. This isn't something personal; however, some of the songs in this playlist are kind of related to me, especially the 26th song which I dedicate to my father. The 27th song is like the story of my life! My favorite artists/bands are also featured in this more than 2-hour playlist such as The Pretty Reckless, Lana Del Rey, Evanescence, and Amy Winehouse. If you are going to ask me about the genre of the songs, they are all different. Although you might not hear an RnB song here, I'll try to make this playlist grow and become even better. What makes me proud about this Spotify playlist is the story I managed to create from beginning to end, so I really do recommend that you DON'T SHUFFLE this playlist if you're planning to listen to everything.

That's it and I hope you like it! I embedded it below, and you can listen to it on your own Spotify here: The Broken Playlist

PS. By the way, this is my first ever entry after a very long time - also my first post for the year of 2015. I hope this continues!

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