Wednesday, June 12

Man of Steel on Philippines' Independence Day?!

"Man of Steel" on Philippines' Independence Day?! Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, of all the dates you can release this film, why choose June 12, our Independence Day?

I already know when Man of Steel will premiere here in the Philippines long before I even made this post and it's just now that I realize I needed to share what I feel about this. Today, Man of Steel premieres on Philippines' nationwide cinemas, but do you guys know what we celebrate annually, specifically on this day? It's our country's Independence Day. Of course, I bet everybody already knows what this day means. It's a holiday. Most people don't work during holidays. It's a great day for a movie release because more people would get the chance to watch! But come on, man! Filipinos are supposed to commemorate today (or at least just rest) what OUR heroes have done for our country to be free and not just watch Man of Steel. Freedom, aside from Trust, is a really BIG word. I don't see why a lot of people would actually be more excited to watch Man of Steel than sleep. Is it for being-in-the-trend? Is it because Superman is also a hero himself? WTF?

I, myself, am a fan of Hollywood movies but I won't spend my rest day waiting in line for the premiere. I honestly won't celebrate Independence Day formally, but what I would do is become more productive or something.

I salute the people who WON'T watch this film today. There will definitely be more days for you to watch it and I assure you that there will be less people then.

I'll end this. I dunno if I'm going to applaud this kind of 'marketing' idea that they had (because it'll really work!), but this release date of Man of Steel here in the Philippines isn't just a coincidence. It's on purpose. It's an assurance for the movie producers (I really don't know who's responsible for this bullshit) to see a really good cash flow coming from us, Filipinos, the movie-watchers. It's obvious. You can't hide that from some people, especially me.

PS. I actually don't have plans of watching this movie but since our company has given me the opportunity to do so, (which means, it's free) then I don't have a choice.

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