Saturday, January 19

Boyfriend Cover by Alleli Aspili

I told you guys how much I become really addicted to the song Boyfriend by RaeLynn of The Voice. And, here I am posting a video I uploaded on my YouTube Channel and it's me singing the song. There's really no emotional attachment, it's just that it feels so good to sing and play it on guitar. I'm probably getting more in love with New Country Music.

Sunday, January 13

Video of the Day

I don't know about this song, but this gets me all the time. The song, the singer and how she pronounces/sings every word really get me going. I love the melody and the tune. I'm not emotionally attached to this song, I just like it! I hope that's clear. Enjoy the video! I've provided the lyrics below as well.

Introducing InsideURHead

Yes, that's the header I used for my new blog. I decided to use WordPress as the blog hosting site since I haven't even tried doing so. I don't wanna be stuck on Blogger forever. But of course, I won't stop posting here since this is my personal blog and I already have a sound number of visitors (even returning ones) here.

InsideURHead is the kind of blog I would wanna update daily or weekly. It may seem impossible because of how busy the so-called "life" is, but I would really try. I'll be creating content that's worth sharing - that's what blogging is about, right? I've mentioned in my previous post the topics that my new blog will cover - How Tos, Videos, Business, Nature and Animals and Movie Reviews. This is the serious stuff, man! I've already created a post that's under the category Videos. That's a good start.

How were I able to customize this blog, btw?

Two Blogs, Two Different Google Plus Profiles

I don't know what I was thinking, but I've created a new blog again. And, a new Google+ profile, too! I think I've decided on doing so because it's time to separate what's more serious and personal. I created this blog just for me to have "someone" to talk about things I can't really say so I'd have to categorize this blog as the personal one. My newly created blog at WordPress is the "more serious" I'd say. I decided to name my new blog InsideUrHead because I plan on creating content that will be educational or viral or something that will really get inside someone's head. I just created a new post about a live music video and of course, it's about my favorite band - The Pretty Reckless. There will be a lot of topics which generally consist of How Tos, Videos, Business, Nature and Animals and Movie Reviews.

Wednesday, January 2

I finally got the chance to complete my page. I'll provide a screenshot below but it's better if you'll just visit my page. I have plans regarding its background image but I'm just gonna do it next time. I'm kind of like satisfied with it right now.

If you're not familiar with, then here's a quick description: It's something like an online business card where you can link all your social media accounts instead of phone numbers and e-mails. It's interactive as well. You can have an idea if you know as well. Its slogan says, "THE EASIEST AND MOST STYLISH WAY TO CREATE A UNIFIED WEB PRESENCE." I have a page there, too, but I prefer customizing my

If you have an page as well, please take time to add me to your faves or simply just connect or compliment it. And, if you don't have one, I suggest you create yours now because it's really cool and fun. It's a great way to show off who you really are! It's easy setting it up and I assure you that your creativity will really show. I'll provide you with some inspirations here.You can also have the option to embed everything that's in it on your website or blog. I did it here and I placed it on the lower left side. Thanks. xoxo

Screenshot of my page.