Wednesday, April 25

I don't wanna fight no more!

I dedicate this song to my baby... I'll listen to this before I sleep. I love you... I miss you baby. ='(


 While on my way home today, I received a text message from my baby... It goes like this:

"I am drifting further away from Lei. I think this started last two weeks when we were apart for such a long time. Then we'd fight over stupid things. I guess that had me tired and stressed out. I miss her so much. I miss us. I do understand her. How she misses her family and friends. She has every right to blame me for eating up her time. I just wanted to be with her. She's my life, my everything. It hurts whenever I argue with her. It hurts whenever I walkaway and not talk to her. It hurts whenever I don't accompany her to the jeepney terminal. All I wanted for her to see is that I'm getting sad and upset especially when she plans on things but, in the end, we wouldn't be able to accomplish it. I can't hold this relationship alone. I need her support. I need her to hold me. I need her to tell me that everything's going to be alright. I'm not strong if she thinks I am but I'm trying to be strong for her, for us. But, I can't do this alone. I love her so much. My love for her isn't fading. I'm just tired and stressed. I'm sorry, Lei. Please hold on to me tight and never let me go. :( "

Saturday, April 21


I don't know. It feels like I've been through a lot lately... I have mixed emotions - for my family, friends, work and lover. I feel guilty, sad, mad, tired, enthusiastic, in love and lonely.

Wednesday, April 18

American Influences in the Philippines

History tells us that America fought with us for only three years, but why does it seem that they have been influencing and suppressing us, Filipinos, discretely. If you are not aware of what is happening in this time, and about the so-called “brain washings” of the Americans, I will let you know. Actually, I am seeing our country today as colonized by the Americans. Though we are not seeing proofs directly with our eyes open, we could try closing them and see for ourselves.

Monday, April 16


Hi, this post is dedicated to my one and only Baby. You know what, my baby’s fond of manipulating numbers and sees to it that it would end up to become 23. This post is for her because it’s the 32nd, 23rd in reverse. :D Haha!

I love being CUTE & CHUBBY!

First of all, I was supposed to write about how fat I am now. But I suddenly thought that I wasn’t that fat at all. I just gained weight and fats(?). Haha! I just don’t wanna believe it! I don’t even wanna have a record of me sharing about it here… My loved ones just noticed it, but I will prove that I can get back to my old weight (which I won’t tell here of course). I just gained 11 lbs. and it would be easy to reduce… I know it will be. Hm, I think I should just continue this post since I’m already here.

I think the main reason why I gained weight is because of the stress that I’ve been feeling ever since I worked. It’s actually manageable, but the eating part isn’t. Also, I don’t have time to exercise, or probably, dance. It’s one of the activities that keeps me fit before. Next reason is because I became part of a HEALTHY relationship. It’s literally HEALTHY! Haha! I wouldn’t say how  eager my partner is in eating different kinds of food, but I’ll just share here some photos that would prove and tell everything I’m talking ‘bout:

Globe's My Super Plan!

Considering how impulsive I am on spending money or buying things, I was able to have a Globe Blackberry plan in an instant! Well, it’s not literally instant, but I was really able to out of being impulsive. I was just browsing Globe’s website and tried their Plan Builder. Again, I just TRIED. But I didn’t know it would end up like that. At first I chose a plan, blah blah, and then a gadget. My first choice is the Cloudfone Temptation because it looked cool to me. I didn’t know that I was already shopping at that moment and purchased it. At first I thought that their plan builder is just for trial and I didn’t know that it’s live! And so I purchased a plan online…


2012-04-02-06-21-11And then me and baby adopted a cat… We named him Alden! We were actually heading back home after a good midnight meal from Tokyo Tokyo while we met him. We heard a kitty crying and went to find where those meow’s were coming from. When we were able to locate it, we called him and he went to us, like he was never afraid of people. We thought that he was left by his previous owner… on purpose. =( Good thing we found him. We adopted him and brought him home. The first thing that came to our mind was how are we supposed to feed him milk. He was (we think) only 2-3 weeks old back then and all he needed was milk from her mom. We know that cats are lactose intolerant, so we decided just to feed him soya milk. It’s kind of like expensive, yes, but we didn’t think about that already for all we knew was helping him. He liked it actually… We also bought him food, Friskies for kittens, and liked it! He has a treat as well, where in he can eat fish meat. We frequently buy that treat since it’s expensive.


GEDC0597As I’ve said in my post here, two of our cats are about to bring us cute kittens in time. And so they did! I wasn’t able to remember when was that, but it just happened this earlier this year. Baltik gave birth to three kittens and Putol to two. Sadly, the other kitten of Putol died. All in all we have 4 kitties in our house today; 3 females and 1 male. When my parents knew about our kitties’ genders, they instantly said that there will be more cats  in only a nick of time! They somehow don’t like that fact because we have a total 10 cats now! They planned on giving ‘em away but they just couldn’t. They love kitties so much! Or should I say pets, because they love our 2 dogs as well. Anyway, it’s funny how we named all of them because we do it based on their

Sunday, April 15

LOL @ my "The Devil Inside Review" post.

You decide on what happened here!


I never got the chance to blog about different stuff for quite a long time again. I've been missing this blog, especially writing... Now I have these all Sunday and Monday (just half day)  to do it! So, where should I start? Hm, probably from the most significant things that happened to me recently. Actually, I'm planning to make different posts about 'em, so this will just be an introduction. Hehe, this would also be my guide on what to post first or whatsoever.

First up! ...would be my kitties, especially our adopted cat. There are no much updates about them. It's just that our kitties here at home (mine) are feeling sick. I still haven't figured out their condition, but we do hope that they're ok. My theories say that it's all because of the heat today. Summer here's just killing everyone! LOL, it's true! I also think that our adopted cat's feeling the same way... He's been drinking a huge bottle of water lately!

Second would be about me being fat? Yeah, that would be ok. I'm actually feeling it now! Some of my friends were saying before that I'm getting fat, but I didn't believe them until I felt it. I'm still feeling and SEEING it right now. There already are "fat build-ups" down there! I know I can get through with it.

Third. Hmm. Prolly the mobile data plan I've applied recently. I'll talk about how impulsive I was when I purchased it online and how excited and frustrated I was. Yes, frustrated. I became very mad because of the features of the phone I got together with the mobile data plan. But it was WAS for I am kind of like satisfied right now. :)

And SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST, right? I'll talk about an update of my love life. Yeah! I'll save the other details later on...

All in all, I need to make 4 new posts. I can add more if my fingers allow me to, haha.

As of now, I'm having a mixed emotions of guilt and I don't know... Because I was supposed to go to our province today to celebrate with their feast, but I didn't go! One of the reasons is how poor I am today. Our pay's delayed and I'm not expecting much of it for now. The other reason is that I wanna spend quality time with my mama and papa. I think I made the right decision... It hurts somehow because I don't get to spend time with my baby. =(